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About us



We are a team that offers expertise gained through over 20 years of experience in all organizational spheres.

We rely on our expertise acquired in various fields of activity, having responsibilities that apply to both the public and private sectors.

  • Executive roles provide us with the opportunity to gain a clear perspective on development needs and adaptation to change.
  • From a managerial standpoint, we understand the importance of identifying opportunities for streamlining, reducing costs and risks, potential directions of action, and maximizing the utilization of organizational resources.
  • Managing one's own business adds value to the ability to enhance versatility and flexibility in the dynamic business environment of Eastern Europe.

Why us

Why should you choose us?

If you wish to understand the potential of your business partner/ competitor/ employees/ managers through an objective and comprehensive evaluation of their presence in the virtual space.

If you want to know the risks and opportunities related to your partners/ competitors/ clients, and if you are not convinced (which we recommend) of the cyber security of the managed information.

If you want to understand the impact of your activity.

If you want to make the best decisions to obtain the expected results, then we are here to help.


What services do we offer?


Managing internal and external resources.


Analyzing and assessing the risks of entrepreneurial activity.


Internal protection, data collection and analysis.

What do we offer?

Successful decisions start with us when targeting business expansion or identifying new business opportunities, evaluating human resources to establish strategic representation potential, engaging in business partnerships, or understanding the competitive environment.

We are here to meet your needs with a wide range of assessments, tailored to your own needs and requirements, covering all areas of inter, intra and extra institutional knowledge needs – from risk assessments to physical security, to cyber security assessments, assessments dedicated to the development potential, possible risks associated with current activity or other assessments derived from specific needs.

If we have been sufficiently ambiguous in presenting our activity and have managed to pique the interest of a successful entrepreneur, we await your contact to offer each other the opportunity of collaboration.


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